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Math has always been a struggle for me to understand. When I came to college I knew that my degree required a great deal of math in order to graduate and luckily I found Chanda. Although I have found other tutors in the past, Chanda is the only tutor that I have come across that can actually demonstrate and manipulate the problems so that I understand not only how to do them but why I am doing them. And if Chanda can make me feel confident in doing homework or prepping for an exam, she can do that for anyone.
— Lauren Hmami, Metropolitan State University of Denver
I am so blessed to work with someone that is truly remarkable. I wanted to tell you how impressed I was working with Chanda Lowrance. I interact with lots of math and science tutors at The Student Success Building located at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, however I continue to be pleasantly amazed by Chanda’s hard working mentality. I have never before worked with someone that is more impressive, responsive and caring towards the delicate balance of her own works versus others works. I remember when students used to wait for you early at the tutoring center for Organic Chemistry. Your solving problems methods and ways made all others tutors jobs easier. Thank you for everything you did for us – you are very much appreciated – you are remarkable!
— Papa Momar Loum, Denver University
I have had the pleasure of working with Chanda Lowrance in the Student Academic Success Center at Metropolitan State University of Denver since January of 2015. I have been employed there a long time and have worked alongside many different tutors. She is among the best. I have watched first-hand her ability to effectively teach a student. I have seen her able to make comprehension take hold of a student, whether it is in the area of math accuplacer, chemistry, or any other area she has tutored in. Not only have I seen her do this with individual students, but I have also seen her thrive and instill the same level of confidence, whilst tutoring groups of students all at once. I highly recommend Chanda, as her tutoring skills are incredible.
— Keith Shaffer, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Chanda is a caring , committed, and patient tutor who goes out of her way to make sure that her students get help. She is personable, intelligent, and able to explain complicated concepts in a way that makes difficult subjects manageable, all while creating an atmosphere that allows students to feel comfortable and confident. She has built a reputation on campus that keeps students coming back for her specific brand of instruction. If you are struggling with math or chemistry, contact Chanda as soon as possible—your grades will thank you!
— Lynne Winter, Metropolitan State University of Denver